Two Vague

Podcaster Inspirations

May 19, 2021

Podcaster Inspirations:


  • “What’s Good Games” - WGG was started by 4 video game industry friends who decided that there weren’t enough positive female voices and influencers in their chosen field, so they decided to change that.  They started their positive and welcoming social media community in 2017 and have been fostering it ever since.  The show consistently delivers on their promise of “…video game news, commentary, analysis and funny stuff…” and is a bright spot for me even in my darkest of weeks.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Andrea Rene, Brittany and Kristine have done something really special with What’s Good Games and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them!


  • “Online Warriors Podcast” - Serendipitously, Online Warriors was recommended to me on Twitter when I was looking for another positive nerd-centric show to add to my listening list.  It began as a way for 3 college friends to stay in touch with each other, but recently the trio is venturing in to developing Online Warriors as a brand as well as their hobby.  I enjoyed their weekly episodes so much that I started supporting them on Patreon.  One of my “tier” rewards I receive, is a guest appearance on the show every 3 months.  I was incredible nervous the first couple of times; however, I grew to genuinely enjoy the experience, which now doesn’t occur nearly enough for my liking.  The crew of Illegal86, Nerdbomber, and Techtic have taught me so much about the “art and science” podcasting. Without their influence and encouragement, I don’t think I would have decided to develop and start my own program.  They are wonderful, welcoming folks, and I wish them continued prosperity.


  • "The Nikki Glaser Podcast” - This 4 times a week show encapsulates the exact vibe/tone of natural upbeat conversation and humor I am striving to achieve with Two Vague.  I definitely appreciate a well done stand-up comedy routine, so when I hear or see an exceptional one, I’ll follow the creator on Twitter in case they are going to be in my area at some point.  That is how I was notified that Nikki Glaser, star of (stand-up) stage and (Netflix) screen, was starting a new podcast.  It features Nikki Glaser, her roommate Andrew Collin and producer/announcer Noa Avior.  This relatively new show from Will Farrell’s / iHeartMedia’s Big Money Players Network is in a show format I like to call “organized chaos.”  There are distinct segments in the 1 hour show, but other than that you never know what type of introspection or hilarity will ensue; it always brightens my day and I aspire to do the same with Two Vague.

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