Two Vague

Two Vague Origin Story

April 15, 2021

Two Vague Origin Story:

Two Vague originated from an idea I had for my eventual memoir.  Games have been such a big part of my life that in theory, I could document most of my personal history using them as points on my personal timeline.  The original concept was to start with an arcade or video game, provide some background and facts about it, and then combine that with anecdotes / memories / life experiences.  I could never quite justify committing it to the written word (not yet anyway), but that was the starting point.

As time went on, I began thinking about it with greater frequency, typically after watching, reading, or listening to video game related content.  I wasn’t really interested in putting together another news program or a solo monologue type of show; two people having an interesting, unique exchanging ideas was the premise I wanted to explore and develop.  I thought it was important for me to come up with a name and logo to use as a conceptual anchor.  I vaguely knew what I wanted, so decided the name would be “Too Vague”.  My brother suggested that I use the number 2 instead and from that suggestion I quickly drew up a logo.

Shortly thereafter, my brother and I talked at length about the podcasts we enjoyed and why.  Soon we moved on to discussing what “shape” my show would eventually take.  

B: “It will be me and someone else… only 2 people.” 

A: “Would it be an interview show?”

B: “Not exactly… more of a conversation.”

A: “What is the show going to be about?”

B: “Video games… and something else.”

A: “How exactly?”

B: “I guess I could describe it as an in-depth conversation about a topic and its relation to video games.”


… and this is where our podcast journey begins… in June.

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