Two Vague

Episode 10 - Change

August 26, 2021

First, Evan and Ben get in to an emotional discussion about navigating the changes in their lives.  Then Ben forces Evan to watch a SNL skit, and they talk about reality TV.  Rounding out the episode is a conversation about what games they are currently playing and how they would change them if they could. 

00:20 - Ben introducing his cohost this week, Evan
00:36 - “We’re not talking about coinage”… yet
03:10 - The delta
04:37 - To Evan, change is adrenaline
06:51 - Evan shares how the death of her mother affected her growth
12:38 - Ben shares how the death of his father ultimately led to inspiration
17:08 - “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” ~ David Bowie
18:58 - “You’re entering a new phase of your life.” ~ Ed Cheknis
20:41 - More to come
21:14 - Panic, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and change
25:27 - Happy Birthday Evan!
28:01 - Flux is life
28:53 - The coin shortage well theory
30:36 - A definition of “change”
31:22 - “First CityWide Change Bank 1” SNL skit and bathroom interlude
33:13 - From Craig Ferguson to “changing your clothes” to reality television 
38:53 - Candid Camera?
41:12 - Arcades and ZOMBIES!
44:43 - Evan gushes over the “Last of Us” franchise (some spoilers)
50:57 - Ben drank Cordyceps tea once and has a RPG pet peeve
53:58 - Evan is playing Assassin’s Creed and has some suggestions 
56:40 - If you could change anything about the game you are currently playing…
01:07:12 - How do you purchase your games?
01:09:17 - Evan’s parting words of wisdom

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