Two Vague

Episode 12 - Map

September 9, 2021

Evan joins Ben this week to discuss maps.  Ben recites his map related research findings and tells a cool Google Maps story.  Evan confesses that she is bad at directions.  At one point the conversation moves to pizza for some reason.  Evan and Ben both love Namco’s Mappy!  What are “trap streets”?  What makes a great video game map?  Tune in and find out!

00:20 - Introducing your hosts Ben and Evan
00:38 - “Two words that don’t rhyme” and Dora
03:00 - Has Evan ever used a paper map? …Google Maps?
07:28 - Ben’s cool Google Maps story
09:45 - Snapchat improvements in relation to Geography and being social 
12:30 - Cooking with Paris on Netflix (and her age is revealed)
15:22 - Origami with maps, more about paper maps, and giving directions 
20:00 - Taco Bell and cultural appropriation opinions 
21:20 - The start of a VERY long conversation about condiments and then pizza 
28:55 - “Let’s get back to maps” and Evan gives directions 
30:00 - Trap streets
35:40 - Yikes!  “It only takes one murderer…”
37:05 - The sport of Orienteering, the Amazing Race and escape rooms
40:55 - The arcade game Mappy and what the translation means in Japanese 
43:55 - Games where maps are very important; Evan educates Ben in the ways of Minecraft
47:50 - “A good legend” and notable map experiences in games
50:20 - Q*Bert and convincing Evan that she has to play Horizon: Zero Dawn
51:55 - Evan can’t do Star Wars; Ben sees Star Wars in the 70s
55:22 - Evan talks about playing “Alien: Isolation” 
56:45 - What makes an effective map in a game?
1:00:04 - Closing thoughts on maps

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