Two Vague

Episode 13 - Adaptation

September 16, 2021

Fan of the show, Eric is in the “studio” this week with Ben and the “pod-cats”.  They are champing at the bit to talk about the word “adaptation” (even the cats), but first they answer a question about “Easter eggs”.  The conversation goes to some interesting places before getting to video games and what is recognized as the worst movie to video game adaptation so far.  Ben comes up with Norah’s PERFECT gamertag and Eric talks about his “Middle Earth” obsession. 

00:20 - Ben and Eric introduce this week’s word… “adaptation”
00:33 - Clapping for syllables and “What is an Easter egg?”
04:30 - Nerd credit and sports nerds
07:20 - Eric’s thoughts on his meaning of the word adaptation
12:10 - Eric and his father’s fascination with mountain climbers
17:15 - Ben’s first remote control story and a weird question about biological adaptation
22:40 - Ben opens up about his social anxiety in very large groups and his strategy 
24:00 - The movie Adaptation is old enough to drink so… spoilers or whatever
29:44 - The definition of the word pastiche and Ben knows two types of orchids
33:00 - Police Squad 
34:40 - Movies that were made in to video games; Eric loved Activision’s Spiderman 2
39:25 - “Proto Incredible Spider Hulk Type” and the Punisher game
42:25 - The Red Dead Redemption “boomerang bug”
45:00 - Spiderman, Batman Arkham Asylum and Insomniac’s games
47:00 - Eric absolutely loves Tolkien’s Middle Earth universe and games
51:00 - The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay  
52:40 - Eric mentions the ET Atari 2600 game and Ben can’t pronounce Alamogordo
58:50 - Norah’s gamertag 
01:01:50 - Lucky Wander Boy by D.B.Weiss
01:03:40 - Ben compares video game adaptations to cover songs 
01:10:20 - Ben blames George R R Martin
01:10:50 - Video game adaptations coming to Netflix
01:12:20 - Eric and Ben’s thoughts on remastered games
01:13:50 - Arcade Games made from movie properties 
01:15:54 - Ben and Eric signing off 

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