Two Vague

Episode 14 - Achievement

September 23, 2021

Cheyenne joins Ben this week to talk about the word Achievement.  Ben shares facts on scouting, movies and how he amassed his sewing kit fortune.  Cheyenne asks about knots and wants a badge for building traps.  They both share stories about how uncomfortable it was going door to door in their youth.  A discussion on dumb and satisfactory game achievements ensues.  Ben thinks he knows what the first video game achievement was.  Cheyenne shares her definition of time traveling and opinions on why she doesn’t use exploits.

00:20 - Ben and Cheyenne: “Achievement Unlocked!”
01:55 - “… in Sans Serif font,” and Ben’s hot take on the US educational system
03:35 - Tiny house talk and Earthships
06:30 - Cheyenne is not a knot person but wants to build traps
09:34 - The Big Lebowski; the Dude is a real person 
12:24 - Nathan Arizona or Jim Click?
13:18 - Philip Seymour Hoffman and Natalie Wood 
17:45 - Exploring the definition of the word achievement
19:29 - Cheyenne plays devil’s advocate and has a pose picked out for graduation
23:36 - “What is the escape velocity of the graduation cap?” 
24:37 - Ben amasses his sewing kit fortune
27:25 - Going door to door is uncomfortable as a tweenager
29:37 - Ben’s paper route, and Cheyenne says “do people read papers?!”
32:04 - Reward yourself and Ben’s a Double Fine fanboy
34:54 - Sixteen years later…
36:16 - Pointless achievements and dumb trophies 
41:42 - Ben is mixed on his opinion of trophies and achievements 
43:38 - Cheyenne and Stardew Valley
45:28 - Ben and Cheyenne ponder; “What makes a good achievement in video games?”
47:23 - Ben’s achievement origin hypothesis… Atari 2600 and Activision PATCHES! 
49:20 - A short PSA about gamertags. 
51:43 - Cheyene’s sewing kit callback and thoughts on Gamerscore 
55:31 - Cheyene’s thoughts on speed runs and using game exploits 
59:15 - A definition of “time traveling” for Norah
01:03:01 - Cheyenne’s parting thoughts on achievements and trophies

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