Two Vague

Episode 15 - Substance

September 30, 2021

After some pre-show lunch, Ben and Sammi talk about the what the word substance means to them.  Ben goes to the UK, buys New Order albums and acts like an ignorant American at the amusement park.  Sammi talks about the substance of people and things.  Then she shares her struggles and triumphs dealing with substance addiction.  The conversation then moves to video games and haptics.  It gets a little naughty at the end, but Sammi insists that you Google it.

00:20 - Sammi and Ben and the vegan Sonoran Hot Dogs
02:22 - Substance, but “…next time, the word ranch” 
05:10 - Ben’s “ignorant American kids” amusement park story
06:40 - Talking about 80s new wave music
10:25 - The Depeche Mode concert story and Sammi talks about the substance of a person
13:35 - Mercury not coffee and has Sammi ever done Tai Chi 
15:05 - Folding space
17:00 - Sammi talks about “Squid Game,” and Ben talks about “Only Murders in the Building”
26:46 - Sammi shares her drug and alcohol abuse stories
31:30 - Celebrating sobriety and no raves
34:45 - A solid support system is essential, and music helps
37:04 - ICD 6C51.0 and 6C51.1; a discussion about video game addiction, abuse and disease 
41:45 - Babies operating iPads and online social interactions
45:15 - Sammi loves Skyrim, COD WW2 and narative  
47:08 - The Assassin’s Creed franchise 
49:11 - Ben hates walking on ice in games 
51:05 - “Open world games have more substance than FPSs” 
53:40 - Ben talks Horizon: Zero Dawn  
54:35 - Haptic feedback rumblings in arcades and at home
01:00:15 - A discussion about vibrators and sex robots
01:01:35 - The future of haptics in video games, VR, and real life applications 
01:05:59 - Sammi’s final thoughts on the word
01:07:00 - Closing the show… “GOOGLE IT!”

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