Two Vague

Episode 16 - Creativity

October 7, 2021

Former teacher turned custom jewelry maker Rachel, joins Ben for a discussion about creativity.  In addition to her thoughts on the subject, Rachel shares how she discovered her creative niche through experimentation with different mediums and how a particular TikTok video she made went viral and jump started her business.  Ben talks about Sigmund Freud, lightbulbs, and games that make him think of creativity.

00:20 - Rachel reveals the topic with such gusto!
00:50 - Rachel passes on the first question and then pleads the fifth 
03:00 - “Body by Frost” started with a viral TikTok video  
06:00 - They are called “jib-bits” (and they are trademarked)
07:00 - Creative vs. artistic 
10:00 - Rachel’s mom is the Helen Young Frost, renown quilter
14:30 - A lesson in American Sign Language and signing songs
17:19 - “Deaf” or “hard of hearing” is not offensive 
20:42 - Fallacies and Freud 
23:42 - The interesting Astrology book title
25:53 - Rachel’s need and opportunity struggle with creativity 
29:10 - Tom the trickster
34:08 - Two stories about boxes of stinky garbage
35:47 - “What’s the deal with lightbulbs?”
38:42 - “No, she’s a lawyer”, back to lightbulbs and it’s not Benjamin Franklin
41:23 - Innovation versus creativity
43:30 - Creative writing and “The Vagina Monologues”
46:11 - The hookers and the honor system 
47:20 - Rachel cheats in the Sims in the name of creativity 
50:37 - Ben’s story about his friend Michaela and the Sims  
52:38 - “Brain Age” and typing games 
54:50 - The cake and the companion cube 
56:30 - A brief history of rhythm games 
59:26 - Ben loves Katamari Damacy!
01:02:26 - Rachel’s video game conversations with her students
01:07:28 - “Boring but nice,” and the last question
01:12:20 - Closing thoughts on creativity

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