Two Vague

Episode 19 - HORROR!

October 28, 2021

It’s a special midnight release of our Halloween episode!  The amazing Techtic (tinkerer extraordinaire) from the Online Warriors Podcast joins Ben this week to discuss horror!  Creepy… maybe, but certainly an appropriate theme for this time of year.  We wish Norah a Happy Birthday by starting with “Questions from my Aunt!”  Techtic gets freaked out by the concept of abduction but will always protect his dog!  The conversation then moves on to their favorite horror movies.  Then they “wrap up” the show talking about horror in video games and virtual reality.  

00:00:20 - Techtic and Ben are the horrific hosts... spooky!
00:02:00 - “An army of grandmas.” What is a FPS?  What is an “open world” game? 
00:05:45 - Techtic’s examples of how not to be reckless in open world games.
00:07:55 - Aliens and Slenderman!
00:10:40 - Techtic is a dog parent… number one!
00:15:15 - Abduction and then… Fangoria magazine! 
00:19:40 - Favorite horror movies: “Pet Cemetery” and “The Serpent and the Rainbow”
00:24:10 - Techtic thinks he needs a “NOPE!” track. 
00:28:40 - Techtic’s snack strategy for long movies 
00:31:10 - “Hallucinations can be anything," and the power of the human brain!
00:34:20 - How many jump scares do you need?
00:38:10 - Scary monsters in video games, the Dead Space franchise, and Techtic’s callback
00:40:20 - Perspiration and evaporative cooling
00:43:50 - “This is going to require some explanation.”
00:45:20 - Horror in VR!
00:48:45 - When you don’t their name…
00:50:40 - Techtic’s parting words of wisdom and have a Happy Halloween!

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