Two Vague

Episode 20 - Agriculture

November 5, 2021

Ben is excited about Marily’s first appearance on the show; she wants to talk about about the word agriculture!  This is a sprawling episode. Topics include: the life of a field worker, childhood stories, the 4H Club, meat sciences, experimental cornfields, pinball, and “Farming Simulator 22.”  As luck would have it, Ben just started playing “Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin” and wants to share his thoughts on it. 

00:00:20 - Introducing this week’s hosts Ben and Marily
00:01:05 - Marily reminisces about her family and field workers
00:03:14 - “The Rural Juror” and the life of a field worker
00:08:10 - Ben spends time at the farm as a youngster with Derek
00:10:19 - It works that way everywhere… on the planet
00:12:00 - Marily remembers driving to and from California
00:14:43 - Who likes lengua?
00:16:35 - Town oder and train stories 
00:19:55 - Feline alarm clocks
00:21:45 - César Chávez and Dolores Huerta
00:26:26 - The crops of Arizona and California, and the 4H Club
00:29:00 - Ben’s college stories and Meat Sciences 
00:31:58 - The experimental cornfield and… the name
00:34:30 - A quick discussion about GMOs and “terminator seeds”
00:37:02 - Marily considered pursuing a degree in an agriculture related field 
00:39:27 - Mango opens a squeaky window (seriously) and conspiracy
00:40:48 - Ben’s Mulligan Stew confusion and some 4H trivia 
00:45:08 - Not a gamer and talking about farming simulations 
00:48:37 - The tractors says hello to Ben and Farming Simulator has ethical concerns 
00:51:16 - Farming supply companies were confused about Farming Simulator 
00:54:30 - Marily bonds with clients as a caregiver
00:56:13 - Marily says the magic word and Ben talks about it
00:59:23 - An agriculture themed pinball machine
01:01:07 - The incredible detail of Farming Simulator 22
01:03:08 - The interest-free loan from slumlord Tom Nook
01:05:45 - Paul’s Christmas present? 
01:07:29 - Ben loves “Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin”
01:12:24 - Closing the show with garlic memories

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