Two Vague

Episode 20.?? - Supplementary Soliloquy

November 14, 2021

On this supplemental episode 20 plus your favorite fraction less than 1, Ben soliloquizes about Ghostbusters, comedian Jake Johannsen, getting older, the psoas muscle, yoga, Goat Simulator, Guardians of the Galaxy, Psychonauts 2 and what words are coming in future episodes.

00:00:45 - Gozer worshipers and a slow moving Torb
00:02:35 - Ben’s “athletic type injury”
00:04:00 - The Suez Canal and cat yoga by proxy
00:06:25 - Odd animal yoga and Goat Simulator
00:09:00 - GOTY games for 2021- Guardians of the Galaxy or Psychonauts 2? 
00:13:10 - Coming soon to the Two Vague Podcast…
00:16:05 - Thank you for hanging in there!

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