Two Vague

Episode 21 - Context

November 18, 2021

Due to Ben’s aging issues, there was a “pain delay” on the week’s episode, but to make up for that, it’s a jumbo sized one that goes many interesting places.  Cheyenne joins Ben this week to do some critical thinking and to talk about the word context.  Before digging in to this very dense subject, we address a pressing question from Norah about current gaming platforms.  Then after discussing social media applications, they talk about a very interesting college course Cheyenne is taking.  Ben and Cheyenne’s conversation then turns to the news… quite literally, when they critique a newspaper article on Internet Gaming Disorder.  Finally, they close the show with the topics of Dungeons and Dragons, tabletop games, LARP-ing, collectibles, and context aware gaming.

00:00:20 - Cheyenne bought a vacuum 
00:03:34 - A lengthy discussion about a game system recommendation as a “starter” for Norah
00:15:20 - Cheyenne’s thoughts on Xbox Game Pass and developer
00:17:55 - With or without the comma, “I hope that helped Norah” and on to context
00:20:10 - Cheyenne talks about the “big picture” and zooming out
00:23:00 - A side conversation about social media applications past and present 
00:27:25 - The internet “mob mentality” and ethical concerns of misinformation  
00:31:20 - The breeding ground of trolls 
00:33:45 - “… comedy, discomfort or misunderstandings”
00:38:55 - Blue’s Clues’ cousin and Cheyenne’s Engineering course  
00:42:45 - Context and software development 
00:45:50 - Bad journalism and decision quality information
00:48:40 - The impact of Mr. Thiel’s Journalism class on Ben’s critical thinking skills
00:52:03 - 1 in 20 College Students has Internet Gaming Disorder, Research Reveals
00:55:39 - What is Internet Gaming Disorder?
00:58:46 - False correlations, singling out gaming and not citing your sources
01:01:37 - 3000 students were interviewed for 75 minutes, now that is depressing
01:10:17 - How do you prefer to play video games?
01:11:45 - Ben’s D&D pickup line
01:13:47 - Cheyenne also likes playing tabletop games
01:16:55 - Cheyenne explains PvP and PvE to Norah
01:17:57 - LARP-ing and Evermore Park
01:21:40 - Amibos, Skylanders Figures and the Square Enix Lord of Vermillion arcade game
01:24:25 - Context aware, virtual reality and augmented reality games
01:28:10 - Signing off

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