Two Vague

Episode 22 - Familia

November 24, 2021

This week Ben is joined by Marily for a special episode for the holiday season; it’s all about family (or familia en Español).  Instead of focusing on the negative histories of the holidays they choose discuss the food, traditions and personal stories associated with family get-togethers.  Marily shares her thoughts on family gatherings, making tamales, Mario Kart, and the Christmas gift she wants this year.  Ben talks about the biological classification of organisms, the Pointer Sisters, stand-up comedians, his first console, and cross-play functionality in games.

00:00:20 - Introducing hosts Ben and Marily 
00:01:47 - Ring Tailed Lemur yoga in Florida
00:03:10 - Gender of nouns and societal norms 
00:05:50 - Celebrating Marily’s heritage and family in multiple countries 
00:09:20 - Changing personal perspectives on the questionable origins of holidays
00:10:49 - Michelle Wolf’s joke about smallpox and people being offended
00:13:00 - Technology, communication and being human  
00:17:45 - Having a conversation with someone in a sea of millions of possible participants
00:20:03 - Ben’s ‘Cool Hand Luke’ interlude and… balls
00:22:18 - CFO or CEO? 
00:25:45 - Unconditional love, family, mental health, boundaries, and nuance
00:30:00 - A field of big juicy melons and the biological classification of organisms
00:33:33 - Dogs, legumes, cats, and the book ‘Systema Naturæ’
00:35:46 - The Pointer Sisters and Beverly Hills Cop
00:37:35 - Stand-up comedy: dirty or clean?
00:40:56 - Ben’s Scooby Doo impression, and “why are there so many masks?”
00:42:51 - Marily’s family food tradition… Birria and Chicharrón tamales!
00:48:34 - Fun fact: Hawaiian pizza was invented in… 
00:49:13 - More tamale talk
00:53:43 - Ben’s holiday food favorites, and signature family dish favorites
01:00:30 - Potato salad, Paul’s sausage stuffing, Ben’s weird quesadillas, and tuna salad
01:05:50 - Ben and Adam’s Atari 2600 plan… SUCCESS! 
01:08:57 - Families of game consoles 
01:10:40 - Marily’s childhood game console memories and the joys of Mario Kart
01:13:51 - Marily wants a Nintendo Switch for Christmas
01:16:01 - Talking a little bit about cross-play making console families larger
01:18:15 - Marily provides the “correct response,” and closing the show 

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