Two Vague

Episode 8 - Vision

August 11, 2021

Ben and Chris talk about the word vision this week.  You’re assignment before listening to the episode is to look up the Foreigner - “Head Games” album cover to provide context to Chris’ reaction. Chris “makes it weird,” freaks out, and then gushes about the FPS Alien versus Predator franchise.  Coincidentally, Ben tells his Weird Al story again and then explains why he enjoys the overall experience in a specific Far Cry 3 mission.  

Episode correction:
- The song “Double Vision” was on the ‘Double Vision’ album, not the ‘4’ album.

00:20 - Your hosts this week are Ben and Chris talking about the word “vision”
00:32 - Chris sings David Bowie then says, “too soon”
00:58 - Chris announces the arrival of Norah’s bag
02:22 - What is the game “Seaman?”
06:28 - “Her name is Dave”
07:58 - Vernacular at the bait shop
10:50 - The astral plane  
13:39 - Regular 2VP listeners are hearing it again, but Chris is hearing it for the first time
16:23 - “What is it like to be a session player as an accordionist?”
20:29 - The ‘Head Games’ album cover and Lisanne Falk
23:39 - Wearing glasses and Chris’ radial keratotomy experience
28:19 - The best pun of the episode
32:16 - The Tick!
39:58 - Ewok knife fight and Data East’s “Captain America and The Avengers”
44:08 - “Detective Vision”
49:30 - “In space, no one can hear you polka”
52:59 - Obscured vision in games is mostly annoying and some crime folks
56:45 - A vision, a scope, and a plan 
59:52 - Ben’s confusion; Outer Worlds and No Man’s Sky 
01:03:10 - FIN

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